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2010 Events

World Go Vegan Week 2010 was an incredible success! Grassroots volunteer activist organized events in 6 different countries to celebrate World Go Vegan Week with activities like tabling, leafleting, film screenings, vegan food samplings, vegan potlucks, Halloween parties and more! Check out the awesome photos of the fun and creative events activists organized for World Go Vegan Week. Thank you so much for your help this year. Together we are helping to spread compassion and make this world a safer place for farm animals!

U.S. Events

Berkeley, California
IDA held our second annual World Go Vegan Week Halloween Costume Party Saturday, October 30 at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, CA., and it was a blast! The costumes were fun and creative, the food was so good it was scary and everyone had a great time. Cinnoholic, Berkeley’s new gourmet cinnamon roll bakery, made two custom Halloween cinnamon roll cakes, one with a chocolate spider web and the other with a marshmallow ghost! We also had Eat My Love for You mini cupcakes, Violet Sweet Shoppe sweet breads and cookies, candy, lollipops- all vegan of course. Our sugar high helped us dance the night away! Thanks to all who donated, volunteers and participated!

Long Beach, California
Zombie walk and leafleting for Farm Animals! Eat grains, not brains!!!

Chicago, Illinois
Chicago residents enjoyed mouthwatering, classic Chicago sandwiches, pizzas and dogs - vegan style - at four popular restaurants: Drew's Eatery, New York Deli, Clark St Dog and Ian's Pizza. Encouraged by support from the vegan community and Mercy for Animals, the NY Deli has added the new Vegan Chicken Parm to the permanent menu and is working to develop even more vegan sandwiches and to expand the vegan options in its restaurant delivery service. Ian's Pizza will be introducing a new specialty vegan pizza each month from now on, and will also be offering vegan pizza by-the-slice one a day week. Drew's Eatery will continue to create new vegan entrées, soups and desserts. The photos are a sloppy vegan from Drew's Eatery, a veggie dog and fries from Clark St Dog, and the vegan chicken parm sandwich from NY Deli.

Dallas, Texas
In celebration of World Go Vegan Week, Mercy For Animals and six local Dallas, Texas celebrity chefs collaborated to offer exciting new vegan options at their upscale eateries for the week. From Stephan Pyles, Chile Marinated 'Mock Duck' & Risotto-Corn Chile Relleno and from Salum, Tempura Cauliflower and Broccolini with White Bean Puree, Capers, Currants and Almonds and finally from Tillman's Roadhouse, Grilled Marjoram and Garlic Marinated Local Tofu Steak with Roasted Red Pepper BBQ and Lentil-Corn Salad. Speical thanks to Sylvia Elzafon for the amazing photography.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Vegan Information Display at Green Valley Library in Las Vegas, NV. Thanks to Adrienne Kramer for setting this up!

New York, New York
In celebration of World Go Vegan Week, GustOrganics, New York's premiere organic restaurant has teamed up with Mercy For Animals and Alexandra Jamieson, co-star of the Academy Award-nominated documentary, Super Size Me, to feature an exclusive vegan menu from October 24 – 31. The beautiful photos below are of two tangy tacos dressed w/ grilled pineapple salsa and an avocado mousse and corn chowder spiced with jalapenos and served with fresh cornbread. Yum!

Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Animal Rights Coalition in Minneapolis had a vegan cake tasting event with the most amazingly cute vegan cake in the world!

International Events

Vigil and leafleting for the Animals in Boliva.

Dublin, Ireland
Report from the National Animal Rights Association- "I'm delighted to report that, against all odds, the weather held off and it was actually a nice day in Dublin for World Go Vegan Week! We stayed on Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2, for over 3 hours, and handed out a ton of vegan literature. We also had a lovely variety of free vegan cakes and treats to give away - chocolate chip cookies, fairy cakes (with 4 different kinds of topping/icing), shortbread biscuits and slices of chocolate cake. It was a very inviting display - people couldn't believe veganism could taste so good!"

South Africa
Report from Beauty Without Cruelty - "South Africa is also now celebrating World Go Vegan Week! Beauty Without Cruelty has negotiated with a few venues nation wide, and a couple of national food chains, to offer a free drink with any main vegan meal ordered. We started last year and this year we have 2 national brands on board which means anyone anywhere is in the country can try a vegan wrap or burger."


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